Why Choose inSite Bariatrics?

At inSite Bariatrics, we can help you achieve your dream of weight loss and maintenance with scientifically proven, novel, FDA approved, non-surgical solutions.

We know how difficult it is to lose weight and then maintain that weight loss. This is why 37% of adults in the US live with obesity and the number of people developing obesity continues to rise.

The basic foundation of achieving a healthy weight is proper dietary habits and regular exercise. For most people, this is a life-long struggle and success is hard-won and easily lost.

Bariatric surgeries such as sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass have been proven as the most successful long-term weight loss interventions. Bariatric surgery helps people maintain their healthy diets; yet few people are willing to undergo these surgeries due to the risks, pain and cost.

We offer a complete range of non-surgical options for weight loss. These are endoscopic (through the mouth) procedures painlessly performed under sedation or anesthesia.

Options include intragastric balloons, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and gastric aspiration therapy.

At inSite Bariatrics, we will work with you to find a non-surgical solution best suited to your needs and wishes.

Obalon Balloon

First and only swallow-able, lightweight balloon.


Each balloon placement takes less than 10 minutes.

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Aspire System

Non-surgical and reversible procedure.

Proven Results

The device allows you to remove up to 30% of the calories after a meal.

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Apollo OverStitch

Non-invasive revision for previous weight loss surgery.


An innovative device to reduce the size of your stomach.

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Qualified Physicians

Your health is your most important asset. Entrusted to only well qualified, well trained physicians.

Personalized Treatment

Treatment options allow you to select the approach best suited to your personal goals and preferences.

Quality and Safety

All team members at our centers have been trained thoroughly to ensure the best quality outcomes.

Committed Service

We are committed to help you reach your goals through steady progress. Assistance is available with each phase of your treatment plan.

Medical Specialists

Ruel T. Garcia, MD, FACG
Ruel T. Garcia, MD, FACG

Dr. Garcia’s goal is to provide optimal compassionate care to his patients by integrating the most up to date information that medical science and technology have available.

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Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

Encompassing Non-Invasive Weight Loss Solutions

At inSite Bariatrics, we will work with you to find a non-surgical solution best suited to your needs and wishes.